We are local Millburn Republicans.
Democrats and Independents are welcome. We are open. We are beyond just party.

Our politics are so close to home they require an enormous amount of partnership and neighborly understanding.

We say people over party because relationships with family, friends and neighbors are what motivate and guide us all. The decisions that positively affect us as Millburn residents should naturally follow.

Millburn more than ever needs your involvement and tender loving care.

The New Millburn Republican Party is open.

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There is only one Millburn.
We don't need everyone in Millburn to always agree - just to agree we all love this town. It's time to unite and face Millburn's challenges together. This is your Millburn.

The Vote for Millburn team thanks you again for your support!

We are honored and excited to have an experienced township leader, former Board of Education President, Alex Zaltsman, running as the Republican candidate for Township Committee this year. To learn more about Alex, please visit AlexForMillburn.com